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Philippe Lasala Absinthe

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Now I know this is a oil and macerate mix but I'm very impressed with this drink, very affordable and tasty too.  The louche is very nice and the aroma earthy, a nice combination of anise, lemon balm and subtle wormwood.  I got my bottle through Alandia which probably has the dearest price at 32.50 Euro out of all the other vendors but a great daily drink and a very good starter absinthe.  I got this as I have a few really nice absinthes that I don't want to drink all the time and use up so the Lasala is a great in between drink that does the job just nicely.   

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Firstly did you notice the black pepper smell when you open the bottle?  

Also, I have to agree with you on all fronts, I use it the exact same way.  My final thought on this one is that it's "Absinthe Light."  At proper dilution (1 to 3 for me) it will check the anise, fennel, and maybe the wormwood box.  It will then scratch that itch one gets when they want a glass of absinthe without draining one of their more valuable bottles. 

The final louche is sudden, appropriately thick, but not opalescent.  Flavor-wise it's balanced, simple, and appropriate, but the finish is nonexistent.  Overall, very basic, but pleasant.  A perfect starter to be able to compare your more complex offerings to.

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