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discontinued/rare absinthes still on a shelf somewhere? (doubs?)

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i've spent probably way too much time, googling and trying to find some place that still has this or that discontinued brand of absinthe (that i never got to try), still in stock. only thing i've turned up so far is a few places that still had some marteau (the grain alcohol base version). one place still has some.. if anyone's interested.


today i was bored again, and found this:




i know there were a couple or more different absinthes called doubs and only one was the good stuff. this looks like they're saying they have that, unless i'm mistaken. unfortunately i don't see an email or i'd ask for them to take an actual picture of one of the bottles and beg them to ship to the US if it looked legit.


...could it be? it'd have to be almost 10yrs old by now right?


anyone else ever scour the cyberscape looking for that rare discontinued bottle? had any success? seems like there should be small caches of stuff that somehow just went overlooked...

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