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Greetings my fellow absintheurs

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Greetings and salutations, my fellow absintheurs.


I joined the site about four years ago, shortly before my hard drive failed. Since that time I forgot my username and password. When my interest in absinthe was rekindled a few months ago, I tried to rejoin the site only to find that the reCAPTCHA was no longer working. After trying several combinations of old usernames and passwords, I've finally managed to log in again.


I haven't tried many brands of absinthe yet; to date, I have only sampled three. The first time I had absinthe was in 2007, shortly after the ban was lifted in America. I ordered a bottle of Fruko Schultz (which I shudder to call absinthe and only do so for lack of a better term), mainly because I liked the artwork on the bottle. How disappointed I was upon receiving it in the mail; the label that had looked so attractive online seemed to have been printed on regular printer paper and was glued to the bottle. The edges were even coming unglued in places and beginning to curl. The color had a bluish tint and there was no louche whatsoever. My disillusionment was further reinforced when I tasted it. I would say it lay somewhere between Listerine mouthwash and a bottle of Jagermeister that has had several cups of sugar dumped into it before being watered down significantly.


Shortly after this regrettable experience, I discovered Alandia. I really liked the label on the Moulin Vert bottle (yes, I am one of those that partially judges books by their covers), and after doing a little more research into it, I decided to purchase a bottle. I was much happier when it arrived as the bottle and label both looked more elegant. (Of course, anything would look more elegant compared to a label that has been pasted on.) The taste was much better, even though I've been told that the 2007 recipe wasn't as good as the one the company uses today.


Unfortunately, I only had one glass of Moulin Vert. I ordered it in mid-October and it arrived on the 29th. After trying it, I set it upon my mantelpiece as a temporary room decoration for a Halloween party I was throwing. This ended up being a really stupid idea, for one of my guests carelessly brushed his costume against it and knocked it to the floor, where the bottle shattered. Almost $90 wasted in one night. Although I call my guest careless, I blame only myself for being so daft.


At the time I lived paycheck to paycheck, so the loss was great. I had saved up for over a month to buy the bottle, and now that it was gone, I wasn't in the mood to save up for another. I gave up on absinthe for about a year. Then, somewhere between 2008 and 2009, I was in a liquor store and happened to come across a bottle of Lucid Absinthe Supérieure. It was the first time I had encountered absinthe being sold in America, so naturally, I had to buy a bottle. I recall believing that it was probably a cheap novelty and was surprised to find that it wasn't horrible. A little heavy on the anise, though looking back, I probably could have added a little more water. At the time I was mixing about 1 oz. of absinthe with 1 to 2 oz. of water.


After the Lucid, I sort of lost interest in absinthe for a while. My enthusiasm returned in 2014 when I came across this forum, but then quickly waned again. Since that time, I've developed an interest in all things relating to the Gilded Age, the Victorian era, and the Belle Époque. This once again renewed my fascination with absinthe, and it has remained so for several months now.


As with many other newcomers to the forum, I am open to suggestions on which brands would taste the most authentic. Admittedly, I am not a big fan of anise although I'm willing to overlook the "black licorice" taste if the absinthe recipe is close to those of the latter 19th century. Other than that, I'm looking forward to mingling with those of a similar mindset and perhaps picking up a few recommendations along the way.


Thank you,


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