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Hello, from the drinking fountain of Emerald city

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First I would say, thanks for approving my membership.

Allow to to introduce myself and my first experience drinking Absinthe, I'm 55 and retired,

have been talking about the Absinthe allure with my friends for decades.

I just relocated to the Jersey shore area and needed to buy a few bottles of top shelf "booze", when I came across my first bottle of Absinthe.

Never saw it in a store before, I said Wow, I'm getting one, it came with a spoon (guess ya know which bottle or should I say box)

and I had wine glasses and sugar cubes, I was all set, ready to see if the Absinthe hallucination myth was true.

First thing I did was look up Absinthe online, that's when I found the WWS.

I did some reading and saw what was involved with drinking Absinthe, and being I'm kind of an obsessive,

ritualistically formal type of guy who likes shiny things, I soon was addicted to Absinthe without even a taste!

I also realized I didn't have the right glasses, I wasn't drinking my first Absinthe in an inappropriate glass,

so I put off my tasting and ordered two Pontarlier glasses and some other Absinthe toys.

Delivery only took a few days, everything arrived and I was all set for my first time!

I set out my new reservoir glass with a see saw brouilleur and a spoon, I used two sugar cubes, one under the see and the second under the saw, opened the sacred Absinthe and was pleasantly surprised it was corked, I was mixing 1 ounce to 4 water, midway of the suggested 3-5 oz.

I poured 1 oz in the glass and snobbishly, (like I knew what I was doing), lifted it to the light, amazed at its clear, yet thick neon green, and the smell of licorice, anticipating watching the mysterious louche form, I set everything up, see saw, spoon, sugar, cold water.

I filled the brouilleur, or the cup above the see saw, and let 'er rip!....I couldn't believe what I was watching, again, even without a taste, I was hooked!

The tick tock of the see saw, drop by drop dissolving each sugar cube, left then right, dripping water into that wonderful shiny, bright green liquid, slowly causing the glass to fill with a white, milky "louche"...it was like magic, just by adding water and sugar.

The room smelled like a licorice factory, when I held it up to the light, it looked like thin skimmed milk, I could almost see light through it.

The first sip, was breathtaking, it was like liquid licorice candy, strong and powerful, it coated my mouth and stayed with me for a bit.

I sipped again, tasting the bitterness of the wormwwood, yet sweet from the sugar. It was mostly smooth but had some bit.

As I drank a bit more, I said this is good! Then rested the glass on a 1f,25 green outlined saucer, thoroughly enjoying my newfound cocktail of choice!

I opened the WWS web page again and did more reading while sipping my Absinthe and wanted to read the box and bottle again,

It was a nice box, looked good displaying on my shelf, it was the only bottle that came in a box with a spoon,

I enjoyed reading the label, about its history, and ingredients with its full measure of the "Notorious Wormwood" and 110 Proof, made in France liqueur,

all proud of myself, taking sips of Absinthe, along the like of Van Gough, Picasso, Hemingway, etc, reading further down the bottle....

my eyes opened wide and I took a gasp as I read the dreaded words, "contains FDC Yellow and Blue", it was ARTIFICIALLY COLORED!!!!!

And I was enjoying it...how can that be, it wasn't real, soon made a sour face and said this is terrible! I cant drink this, I was thoroughly annoyed with the bottle and myself, the next day went back to the liquor store and bought the boring green bottle with the two eyes, I didn't like the eyes,

that's one reason I didn't buy that bottle in the first place.

When I set up the ritual with the new bottle, everything from uncorking to the final sip was just as I read it should be, I saw, what opalescent meant!

At that moment, I learned the difference between a good Absinthe and a bad Absinthe. I was so amazed that I could see and taste the difference.

Wanting to try different types and reproduction, I ordered several different bottles and more shiny Absinthe toys and posters, magnets, cards, and ink blotters, Joined the WWS and now my friends can say, they have a friend who went Absinthe mad!

So again, let me say thanks to the WWS for allowing me to be a member and for being a part of my Absinthesanity!

(that's remaining sane while drinking Absinthe)

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Since brands are being mentioned, I'm liking Lucid Superieure a lot! Its on the shelves, easy to get and its absolutely beautiful, from the first pour, the louche colors, the taste, just all around wonderful for every day. Enjoying my new hobby!

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