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Absinthe bottle used in homicide

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Note to self; If one plans to take another's life, use ANYTHING but your bare hands, so you can blame it on anything BUT one's self.


No, wait... wait, wait, they'll just blame their parents or the rest of the world for not kissing their precious little spoilt ass well enough to suit them. :dead:


God, all too often I simply hate this species anymore.

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I hear you. I sent the link to this article to the bar manager (who is a good friend) of a local place while I was there the other night. At first, he thought it was a joke. Then one of the local loudmouths had to jump in with his "knowledge" of the story, including all the usual hyperbole about absinthe. I tried, gently, to correct what he was saying, but it only seemed to cause him to redouble his resolve, interrupting me and raising his volume with each volley. I finally just had to say "Bob, shut up! You know I'll always listen to you when it's clear you have the upper hand in knowledge of a subject. But Mark's not arguing with me about this because he knows there are maybe five or six other people in this state who know as much as I do about absinthe, and we both know you're not one of them." Cripes!


All I can say is don't be like me and read several articles about this story. The comments could drive you nuts. Here's a couple of gems from just this one. Other articles comments contain similar brilliance.


"Absinthe causes unpredictable reactions even when consumed correctly."


"Absinthe is legal? I thought it was an illegal liquor. hmm"


"You can' t buy real absinthe in the US. That stuff advertising itself as absinthe in our liquor stores isn't the real McCoy."


"The Absinthe of 120 years ago had some hallucinogenic qualities because of the thujone from the woodworm. There is no thujone in any Absinthe sold in the US. What is is is extremely high alcohol content and the way you are supposed to drink it is mixed 6 parts cold water to 1 part absinthe. This Lucid brand is 124 proof so 62% alcohol. This is far more than Whisky or vodka. Since absinthe tastes like liquorice candy, people drink it wrong and end up out of their minds drunk unexpectedly."


"I hate when a bunch of dummies jump on someones comment and reply but have no information and zero research done......Lucid Absinthe was banned in the USA because I¿d caused hallucinations. It should not be sold to anyone really. It is made with real Woodworm so it contains the chemical thurgod which is what will cause hallucinations of you consume too much. Like I said his lawyer will use it and if he has enough in his system it can argued easily that he was hallucinating. I never said he should get off or not do time for liking his wife but just a legitimate argument."





Who's the dummie? And that one from someone who's on-line handle is BtownLaw.


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I've saved myself the irritation of reading much about it. Didn't really need to. Double life/typical lying human, cue the hubby snapping... and then the usual narrative of 'but, but, but, it's not my fault because.... And BOOM, any fucking pathetic, nonexistent reason (read excuse) will do.


Honestly, I wouldn't at all mind watching the bipeds rip each other to shreds... IF I could do it from a comfy, humorous distance.

However, being stuck on the same planet with these defective fucks (along with their need to breed uncontrollably, then refuse to raise the whelps as sentient beings) makes me a little nervous.


Anyway, my coffee addiction is screaming about an empty cup. Wishing you a great day. :wave2:

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