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So I've started an Amiga BBS! Yes, in 2018. It's called aBSiNTHE BBS and it's badass as far as these things go. Fun text art, animation effects, loads of games, and more. We have the Wormwood Society FAQ hosted in The Library section of the board and I'm starting a series of articles that go more in depth into things such as notable brands, distilleries, and releases, preparation tips, trends in distilling, and more that people may find useful.


If you're into retro computing at all, or if you're looking for a different social experience, grab a telnet client such as Syncterm and head over to absinthe.darktech.org port 23. If you don't have Syncterm installed or just can't be bothered, you can check us out via TelnetBBSGuide's plugin right from your web browser at: https://www.telnetbbsguide.com/bbs/absinthe-bbs/ On your next visit though, have Syncterm so you can go fullscreen, upload and download, etc.


You can visit the FB page right here: https://www.facebook.com/AbsintheBBS/.


I hope to see some of you check it out! Drop into The Green Hour section and add anything you like about absinthe. :)

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