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Found an Absinthe honey hole in Augusta, GA

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So... just got started with Absinthe and I'm slightly obsessed to put it mildly. I learned about Absinthe long ago and have always been intrigued by it. Went out to dinner in Hilton Head a couple of weeks ago and they had it on the drink menu. I said to myself, "holy crap! This stuff is available now!?!!" We went to Miami earlier this week for a concert and stopped off in St Augustine for the night to break up the trip. Found a really cool restaurant there, The Ice Plant, which had an Absinthe fountain and about 10 different Absinthes on the menu. Tried it. Loved it. The "feel" is very different. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but the mystery of this drink is mind blowing. The drink itself is mysterious, as well as the fact that it basically went from being very popular to completely extinct for almost a century, to now being resurrected. Very cool to ponder...


My wife and I are hooked. Been calling stores looking for different brands. Found some Lucid in St Augustine which is good. Pernod was also available. It's crazy how you have to sift through an equal number of fakes. Hopefully things will get to the point where it has to be real to be called Absinthe. Kind of like how Port isn't Port unless it comes from Portugal. Not a perfect analogy, but you get my drift...


Anyway, found a great selection at the store (Liquor World in North Augusta) right down the road from my house. They have Ordinaire, Duplais Verte, and Nouvelle Orleans. Picked up the NO for $59.99!!



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Kübler is often available for the asking in the FL/GA/AL area. Apparently it's on the menu for a few southern distributors to your local independent liquor store. Nice find on the Jades, for sure.

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