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Babylon Berlin

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Netflix show, Babylon Berlin (post-WWI Berlin) episode 6 has a brief absinthe scene between a police inspector and a working girl in the bowels of a dance hall. Glass fountain, spoons & sugar...a nice if too brief touch. Interesting show - in German with subtitles.

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Oh, yes! Babylon Berlin... has some pretty good depictions of absinthe, and in several episodes. And it's a very good show too about "life" (?) in the German Weimar Republic in 1929, and I guess just before the stock exchange crash. So Berlin is pretty vibrant, but it also has some problems (which we all know led to a useless painter and a bum from Austria taking the role of Fuehrer).

Well. About absinthe in Babylon Berlin: There's no burning. The absinthe louches. And they use a glass fountain as Austin-Verdegris said above. But I don't think that kind of glass fountains were available in 1929, so that's the one bad remark I had. But otherwise I think they showed it in all the right manners (I guess). Abinthe is quite frequent (sort of) but in a rather shady way. Yes. Absinthe was never banned in Germany. But in the show it's more or less a drink served in brothels.. And that I don't know if it has some truth to it? ... Beside the episode described by A-V above, absinthe is depicted in at least two more episodes but then only louched up in glasses (bubble glasses). And there's also another kind of fountain you can see in the background some times... I just can't say what episodes (exactly) because I've been watching the show on SVT (Swedish National Television) and there they've combined two Netflix episodes into one.

More about the show: Look it up on IMDb if you want to know more. But just to give you quite a good representation of what you can expect, watch a short "tribute" here on YouTube. I'd like to say it's a must see... the whole series that is!

PS: Here's the absinthe (with the fountain) scene, but dubbed to Russian (I guess) @ vimeo.

PPS: There's not a lot of nazi hooligans in this show. Very few actually. I don't know just how historically accurate that is, but to my knowledge Berlin was quite a big communist (or red) stronghold, at least compared to Munich and (I guess) before 1931 to 1933. (?)

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