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Absynt Copernicus

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#1 Villemo



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Posted 22 May 2017 - 04:52 AM

This is probably the first traditional absinthe distilled in Poland (in a small craft distillery from Nieszawa).

I had an occasion to taste their absinthe and I'm very glad, that someone in my country made this spirit in the traditional way :)


Name: Absynt {Artemisia absinthium}

Style: Verte

Degrees ABV (% alcohol): 60%

Year of Make: 2016

Country of Origin: Poland
Distillery: Manufaktura Alkoholi Gatunkowych "Copernicus"


Below some of my impressions about this absinthe.

1. Appearance: 4
Natural, olive hue with acceptable depth (a little pale). Good clarity, no haze or sediment.

2. Louche: 4
Very nice, rich, but not too milky, nice opalescent.

3. Aroma: 3
Before water is quite strange, smells too much alcohol, herbal aromas hard to define, mainly anise. Much better after adding water – mild, still dominated by anise, but the rest of ingredients appears in smell too (fennel, wormwood, hysop).
4. Flavor and mouthfeel: 3
Not very bitter, smooth, a little poor flavor. Left slight tongue-numbing effect.

5. Finish: 2
Fast receding taste, short numbing effect.

Overall rate: 3

Nice color and really charming louche are great, but I'm a little disappointed by the flavor and aroma (correct, but too poor in my opinion). I think it was the first batch, so I believe, that next parts will be better.



#2 AbsintheWolf



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Posted 25 May 2017 - 02:56 PM

Looks like it would be a decent absinthe. I'd like to get a hold of some eventually. When I was in Krakow last year I searched around and all I could find was "Apsinthion". :thumbdown:

#3 Villemo



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Posted 26 May 2017 - 05:59 AM

Yes, Apsinthion is awful fauxinthe. Polish market is similar to Czech (a lot of strong, artificial coloured vodka called "absinthe) with one huge difference - we don't have our Zufanek :biggrin:
Now Copernicus try to fill this blank space.

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