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Lily Bouquet

Old Patents for Bitters

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I've made a couple bitters and make my own liqueurs. I am considering trying one of these old ones - after researching any unfamiliar

ingredients and scaling down the recipe.

These are mostly listed as "medicinal" but isn't that what most of the drink bitters were? Most of these sound very good.

Some use wormwood.



1874-This invention relates to that class of med ical compounds used for the cure of dyspepsiaand other diseases resulting; from indigestion; and it consists in a composition formed by mixing sherry Wine, alcohol, rhubarb, bitter aloes, soda, ginger root, Peruvian bark, peppermint herbs, and the fluid extract of dandelion.


1870-The proportion of ingredients composing the compound is as follows: Green hickory-nuts or white walnuts, ten parts; nutmegs, broken, one part; cloves, one and one-half part; cinnamon, two parts; sugar, from one to one and one-half part; whisky, or other suitable alcoholic liquor, twenty-five gallons;



\Vhile in this condition I stir in four pounds of rye-meal, and then sprinkle the mass with three pounds of meal made from sprouted maize or corn, and also add of butternut-bark (Juglans cmerea) a quantity of about one pound. I also take of the bark of tulip-tree, (Lirz'odendrom) poplar, (Popu- Zus,) or quaking aspen (Populus trenwloides) about one and a half pounds. To this is added Serial No. 363,940. (No specimens.)wild orblack cherry bark (Pmmus Virginiana)


1868-My invention is composed of the following ingredients, viz: Black snake-root, one ounce; wild-cherry bark, one ounce; elecampane-root, one-half ounce; sarsaparilla-root, one-half pound; pine-tree gum or pitch, one-fourth pound; buds of bfzlSflllbtl'OO, one-fourth pound; alcohol, one-half pint; water, eight quarts.


1879-A medical compound or bitters consisting of cinnamon-bark, pimento, (unground,) cloves, cardamom-seed, galanga, ginger-root, nutmeg, alcohol and whisky, and capsicum, (ground,) simple sirup, and tincture of vanilla, prepared and compounded in the proportions and manner substantially as set forth.


1885-The herein-described compound, consisting of the following ingredients, in about the proportions specified, to wit: calamus-root, coriander-seed,juniper-berries, ginger,cinnamon, aloes, alcohol, and water, as and for the purpose described.


1868-The ingredients of the said compound and their proportions may be thus stated: Wildcherry bark, fourounces; 'gentian-root, two drains; sweet marjoram, two drams; angelicaseed, one ounce; calamus-root, two ounces; galangal, one ounce; cloves, one dram; nutmegs, two drams; cardamom-seed, one-half ounce; orange-peel, one ounce; green paradisc, one-half ounce; caraway-seed, one-half ounce; cinnamom, two drains; coriandersced, one ounce; lavender-flowers, one ounce; Vin ginia snake-root, two drains; ginger-root, onehalf ounce; juniper-berries, four ounces; simple sirup, one pint; spirits of wine four gallons.


1869-"German Bitters"

The names and proportions of the ingredients to be used in preparing forty (40) gallons of our compound are as follows:

Four (4) pounds of anise-seed ,Two 2) pounds of orange-peel, ground;

Four (,4) pounds of fennel-seed;

Two (2) pounds of ground gentian;

Four (4) pounds of pulverized canella;

Four (4) pounds of German chamomile;

Twelve (12) pounds of white sugar;

Twenty (20) gallons of corn high-wine;

Twenty (20) gallons of water; and

One (1) pound of burnt brown sugar, (this last ingredient being used to give the compound a good color.)


1898-consisting of alcohol, centaury, yarrow, all-- gelica, calamus, cinnamon, myrrh, aloes, vanilla, cloves, nutmeg, and camphor, combined in about the proportions specified.


1872-In compounding the bitters I place the alcohol in a keg or barrel, and add the aloes, rhubarb, anise-seed, cardamom-seed, ground gentian, jalap, and mustard-seed. Then the compound is allowed to stand for twenty-four.


1885-The herein-described composition of matter to be used as a medicine for the treatment of disease and as a tonic, consisting of water, whisky, bayleaves, juniper-berries, nut-megblossoms, French saffron, cinnamon, masterwort-root, and sweet'flag, in the proportions specified.



1880-The composition for Walnut-hitters above described, consisting of the following ingredients, viz., sliced green black walnuts, bitter essence of walnuts, the best whisky, clarified sugar, Wormwood, whortleberry, nutmegs, cloves, red-pepper pods, orange-peel, and pure water, in the proportions substantially as described.


1884-to be used as a stomach-hitters, consisting of Cologne spirits, Ceylon cinnamon,orange-peel, galangaroot, zedoary-root, cloves, star aniseed, coriander, Roman chamomile-flowers, cassia buds, juniper berries, gent-inn root, Wormwood, peppermint herb, calaniusroot, older-flowers, lavender-flowers, cardamomsced, and inace,


1874-1876-The composition-being a hitters-consistin g of brandy, kiim mel-seed, fen n el-seed, wormwood, wild-cherry bark, convallaria-root, orange-peel, lavender and water, substantially in the proportions described.




joseph LLado Wanata Guaco Bitters

New Orleans, Orleans Parish 1869

(b.1817-1818 Spain, druggist)

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Oh hell yes! I've made a few bitters in the past, mainly just screwing around and making flavors I wanted but were not on the market.

This is an excellent stash, thank you for posting!

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You are welcome. Hope they can be enjoyed. I would like to do an orange bitter.

I just copied & pasted so there are errors for much of that text "(OCR text may contain errors)"

Once you go to link, you can open & save or print an image of the document of interest.

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