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Thinking of planning a trip to France and Switzerland in July

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My work goes on holiday during the Galway Races between 25th and 31st July, I'm thinking of taking 9 or 10 days travelling to Pontarlier in France and maybe travelling to Val de Travers in Switzerland. I'm thinking Dublin to Geneva and possibly a bus or train to Pontarlier and maybe over the border toward Val De Travers. Is travel fairly costly in France and Switzerland, I don't drive so will be relying on public transport. Should I fly to France and book a flight from Switzerland, apparently there is restrictions when crossing the border alcohol over 15% volume is apparently restricted to 1 litre. So if I'm booking flight I might as well check in a bag and get through restrictions that way, will take a carry on cabin bag also and will of course take advantage of the duty free after security. What do you reckon, is it worth it to taste and buy the elixir or would it be just as easy to get all that at Pontarlier anyway. I don't have a notion myself and the Irish airport websites is not exactly forthcoming with info for absinthe newbies.

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Hi Bodhran

It's a great area and you have to include Val de Travers, it's close by and there is public transport.

Switzerland is obviously not part of the EU, so you can only bring 1 liter when you cross between Ireland and Switzerland or between France and Switzerland.


1 liter is always total, not matter if any bottles are checked in or carry on. If you fly France-Ireland you can bring back as many bottles as you like because you are within the EU. It is possible to mail bottles from both Switzerland and France, this may or may not be legal.


You should absolutely forget the airports, wait until you are in Pontarlier and Val de Travers, you'll find (good) absinthe at stations, in supermarkets, in bakeries, in bars and restaurants, at tourist sites and of course when you visit the distillers. Philippe Chapons shop in Pontarlier (see Songcatchers link) is a good place, but it'll be very difficult not to find absinthe.

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Give me some notice, and I'll try to get you a visit at the Artemisia Distillery in Couvet. At that time of year, it can be quite busy and we have a lot of groups visiting. So it's best to book.


If you go, you should also visit La Maison de l'Absinthe in Môtiers: the world's largest absinthe museum.


Of course the best time to visit would be June 17/18 for the Absinthe Festival at Boveresse ..

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