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Awen Nature Rouge

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I had a last dose of Awen Rouge left, and I decided to drink it tonight, side by Adnams Rouge. I found it's an interesting comparison.


Appearance: A beautiful orange red, similar to cognac, very clear. By comparison Adnams is a pink red. I'd rate them both at 4 as they are so unusual.


Louche: I think it's beautiful because of the many swirling colours there, green, yellow, orange. In the end it's unexpectedly mostly green. Oily layer on top, quite translucent, not thick. I would not dilute it past 1:3. Compared to Awen, Adnams louche is solid, pinkish, thicker.


Aroma: Not very strong, some dryness, a little alcohol. It's interesting that aroma changes a lot as minutes go by. Not the average absinthe at all. Little anise, some wormwood. A wood in summer.


Taste: Some wormwood bitterness, freshly cut grass and flowers, very little anise. It is quite creamy in the mouth. Complex, but very very mild. No strong taste in front.


Lingering: some bitter wormwood, grass.


Overall: this is my fourth test of Awen Rouge, and I expected to like Adnams much better, remembering I had always found Awen too mild. I would now rather say that Awen is delicate and balanced, complex in its own way, without putting too much stress on flowery aromas. I think I'll get some more bottles in the future, as it deserves a deeper acquaintance.

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I wish you could get your hands on Atelier Vie's Toulouse Red. Seeing as you like to get your Rouge on. B)

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