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Lily Bouquet


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Might try the VC as I do love anise - reviews have it as heavy on the anise flavor.

Since it could take a while for the Vilya, I caved yesterday & bought a Lucid.
Just uncorked it. Smooth anise with a hint of sweetness. Going to try a glass



Regarding VC, I know that when I first tried it I was in agreement with the reviews categorizing it as an anise bomb. However, I also know i was brand new to absinthe and wasn't preparing it correctly (under-watered, water not cold enough). Perhaps it is simply that I've gotten used to it, and absinthe in general, but now when I drink VC, though the anise is certainly no wallflower, to my palate it plays a lot more nicely with the other elements than I had first felt. Of course, since you like anise a lot, maybe that wouldn't be a good thing.


Lucid, to me, is like a crumbling dive bar you can't but help loving, It's not the best, but I enjoy it anyway.

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The Lucid was a strong Anise and sweet.

1/2 ounce, 4:1, 4.5:1, 5:1.

VC won't be on my shopping list.

I need to work out the ideal preparation to get this brand tasting better for me.

You are correct - I need experience/practice.

No sugar, that's for sure. I need it ice cold, from start to finish. Temps are rising so

the war begins for keeping any cold beverage cold. Time to get creative.

Going to 1/4 ounce - to make a smaller drink. I can workout a better balance and

have it icy cold the entire length of time it takes me to finish a glass.

I have a couple 6 oz. flute shaped mugs from a local glass blower. They have no

stem or base - these can be speared down into my small ice bucket as I drink,

keeping the glass & it's contents good & cold.


It might be because Adobe is needed. You could try going to fultonhistory.com and

doing an exact phase search for "Buffalo Ny Courier 1921 - 4361.pdf

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It loaded for me - interesting read. Journalism was as lousy then as it is now, in some respects, apparently.


EDIT: Incidentally, it's interesting how different peoples' palates can be. Personally, I have to have sugar in Lucid or the aftertaste does me in.


Also, you can float an ice cube in your absinthe. Ice cube trays vary in size, but mine make ice cubes that are about 1 oz. water melted. I just take that into account in the dilution ratio.

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I have a bit to learn still. Now I do understand why some people say they do or do not use sugar,

depending on brand of absinthe. Any bottle I try will be sampled both ways but I must get it colder.

Frosting the glass - trying it tonight.

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1/2 oz 4:1, no sugar added

I chilled everything first.

Filled my espresso frothing pitcher with ice cubes and stuck my conical shaped glass

of absinthe down into the ice.

Similar to a champagne bottle in an ice bucket.

The last drop was as cold as the first and the same 4:1 ratio.

The anise was toned down allowing a couple other notes to come out.

So much better. Really delicious.

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Thanks belewfripp and Songcatcher.

Next glass - I will prepare with the original ice water drip method but with no sugar this time.

Very interested to see how that tastes to me.

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Welcome Lily! I have to say that I respect your restraint on trying the vintage absinthe from your father until you've developed your palate. Providing that you don't dislike the drink(hey, it happens), you have a wonderful journey ahead of you!


Edit: reading your later posts it looks like you've tried it and are well on your way :)

Edited by DanPatrick

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Thanks DanPatrick. So far so good. I've always loved licorice candy, black jellybeans and strong spices.


It's two different ( I think) bottles from my Grandfather who passed away in mid '60s and it is not

difficult at all as they are both still in my mother's bar. She was going to pass them to me months ago but

I asked her to hold off until I can sample a few.


I did try a glass of Lucid with the slower ice water, sans sugar.
Very similar to the chilled/no sugar glass.
I can enjoy it either way but think I prefer it very chilled from start to finish.
It must have been the sweetness of the added sugar that overpowered it
for my taste buds.
Was able to purchase a bottle of the Vilya Blanche.
I opened it last night. The aroma from that bottle is lovely.
Looking forward to a glass of that tonight.
The Verte is on the order list at a local store.

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My mother has two opened of absinthe bottles from her father.

They're probably post ban though. They should be around the 60-70 year mark.
I will eventually sample those but not until I can show them the respect they &
my grandfather are due.


What does that mean? "Around the 60-70 year mark? Made in the 60's-70's? They've been opened since then?


Do they have labels? Or are they home distilled?




I've heard about absinthe off & on through my lifetime as it was a favorite drink of my grandfather,

the dinning room furniture he purchased is wormwood (not this wormwood)


Wormwood furniture is just wood that shows signs of worm and beetle infestation. It has nothing to do with absinthe.


Are you sure what you have in those bottles is absinthe?


And, I think you're gonna love that Vilya Blanche. It's a whole different animal altogether compared to Lucid. The difference between craft, and mass produced.

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Yes they have labels and have been opened. Half empty bottles.

He probably purchased the bottles in 1930's-1950's.

I've spent my adult life buying, selling, restoring furniture so yeah I know what wormword is.

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