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Jonathan D.

Hi and Ridge made it to Cali BevMo!

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Sorry for being absent (I said absent, not absente) for so long, job and family have kept me busy. But I wanted to check in on all you fine folks and say hi. Also, was pleased as punch to see Joe's great absinthe made it to my local BevMo (it probably has been here for a bit and I'm out of the loop). They had a bottle with the Ridge branding and the newer branding (sorry I've missed out on that evolution but I hope it's been good for all involved). But for nostalgia I asked to have the Ridge branded one. I was gonna stow it but I just couldn't help it. Super delicious. Thanks Joe, and thanks for all of you keeping up this great community. I will endeavor to visit more frequently. Cheers to all!

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If it's sporting a "Ridge" label, it has some age to it!

Ridge is now Vilya Spirits and has been for a couple of years. More recently, Julie and I have passed the distillery controls to dear friend and fellow

artist Dr. Jaz. Vilya has moved from the mountains of Montana to the mountains of Oregon and I know great things are coming!

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