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Sugars in Absinthe

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Ok this is for the Captains of Industry here.. Im curious as to what kind of sugar compounds are there in quality absinthe .. This is directed at a measure .. and not added sugar during louching. Ive recently gone on a sugar reduced diet and for a long time have consumed almost all of my extensive lines sans sucre .. So Im now curious.


If there is ..Is there also a difference between different types? Im hedging my bets theres zero .. but Im not entirely sure.

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There should be zero added sugar in a properly-made absinthe, but for spirits sold in the US it could be up to 2.5% by weight before it would be required to label the product as a liqueur. Since there's no standard that requires disclosure below 2.5%, it's a shot in the dark. Your best bet is to ask the makers.


I can only speak with absolute authority about Marteau and Pacifique, but I'm pretty certain the Jade line and other high-end artisanal brands are sans sucre.

Absente and the other brands in the Michel Roux line definitely have added sugar, since they're labeled as liqueurs.

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