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Amy Lewis

Hi From SW Florida

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I've been wanting to try absinthe for a very long time, and the other day, quite on impulse while at my local liquor store I asked if they had it. They presented me with a bottle of Absente, and I bought it. It subsequently transpired that it does not have wormwood in it and has added sugar, and is but a poor imitation of the real thing. Smarting from this disappointment I went online to find the real thing. I ordered bottles of Absinthe Jade L'Esprit d'Edouard and Absinthe Jade 1901. Of course I also ordered an absinthe glass and spoon, and in time will order a fountain, when the one I want is back in stock.


I'm planning my introduction to absinthe in a certain way. As yet I've never even tasted it. For that experience I want my whole absinthe rig assembled and ready to go. Fountain, glasses, spoons, sugar cubes, and several bottles of the best absinthe I can find. Once I have all that assembled I will plan a special time and indulge. It goes without saying the good stuff isn't cheap, and I'm prepared to do this right. Recommendations are welcome.

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"the good stuff isn't cheap"

Although... the good stuff is pretty much the same price as the mediocre and the crap...


Additionally, 1 bottle of absinthe is equal to about 6 bottles of wine in terms of glasses - so keep that in mind regarding price!

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Thank you so much everyone :)


Since my first post I've gotten a fountain, and a number of good bottles of the real thing. I'm enjoying it all greatly.


So far my collection includes:


Jade 1901

Jade Nouvelle Orleans

Jade CF Berger

Jade Esprit Edouard

Jade VS 1898

Duplais Verte

La Clandestine

Vieux Pontarlier


Still on the way are:


Jade Terminus Oxygenee

Meadow of Love


I got the #2 Belle Epoch traditional fountain 4 spout from I heart absinthe, which is very well made and a joy to use :)

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