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Any luthiers here?

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If so, I have a question...


I recently finished my first "frankenstrat" project, and everything came out fine... except the neck. The next day, I went to play it, but as soon as I saw it, I know that wasn't happening. I don't know if the neck has an issue (it appeared ok looking down and up it, but about half way down the fretboard, you can clearly see a shift with the strings. The low E looks as though it's closer to where A should be, and the high e is very close to being on the edge of the fretboard.


My first thought was to check the pocket to make sure there were no bumps, or debris I hadn't noticed. After taking the neck off, I lightly sanded the pocket to be safe, cleaned it thoroughly, and put it back together. That didn't do anything. It can be played, and holds a tune, but any bending or vibrato done on the high e is a gamble. I was hoping to fix this myself, since this is my first guitar project with total refinishing, but I'm really out of my element on this part!







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