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Been lurking for a while and finally decided to signup. My first taste of Absinthe was about 4 years ago in the RLD in Amsterdam. Don't know the brand and the bartender lit it on fire but since that first taste I have found myself trying to learn as much as I can (no more fire!!!) and drink as much as I can. My job has me on the road a lot so I have been able to try many types and have been to a lot of the places suggested here in the forum. Here is my list of what I have tried so far:

-LA Maison Fontaine
-St. George
-Jade V.S. 1898
-Great lakes Amerique 1912
-Duplais Verte
-Kübler Absinthe Supérieure
-Vieux Carre Absinthe Superieure



So far I would have to say Opaline has been my favorite and currently the Amerique is what I am currently drinking.



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