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Hello! :)

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Hi everyone!


I actually am an old member of this forum, but haven't been here in years.


A little background:

I found absinthe back in 2003-2004 when my friend offered me a shot of Pere Kermann's and of course told the usual tale of decadent 19th century artists tripping on psychedelic wormwood spirits. I have always been really into history and found the whole story preposterous, so i began to investigate absinthe on my own and quickly fell in love with it. From 2006 to 2010 i tasted around 30 different brands and wrote reviews of them to Finnish social media sites to better the image absinthe had over here.
Unfortunately by 2010 i went through a burnout and depression, which ended my absinthe hobby along with just about everything else. But now i'm almost completely recovered and ready to return back to the world of absinthe. Recently made an order for three bottles (JADE Terminus Oxygenee, Butterfly and La Grenouille) which should arrive today. I'm SO looking forward to a proper absinthe tasting session after a way too long pause. Yay!


I'm not usually very good with forums so don't know how active i will be here. Also as English is not my native language, some of the words and sentence structures i use might be a litte weird, as English and Finnish are VERY different languages and i learned English by reading HP Lovecraft...

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Oh, and some ,more information about me:


-Music (+DJ:ing)



-Blacksmithy (a new thing i'm trying out)



I have studied politics and history, but currently works a a mailman.....


Back in 2006-2010 my top-5 absinthes were:


1: JADE Edouard

2: La Clandestine

3: Eichelberger Edition Limitee

4: Doubs Mystique

5: Duplais Verte

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Welcome Shangfu!


And don't worry about your English; I'm an English teacher, and I can tell you that you have better grammar and sentence structure than the vast majority of my students, most of whom could never even understand Lovecraft, let alone learn English by reading him...

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Heheh, thanks everyone! :cheers:

It is actually a common thing in Finland that even though we are pretty much the best non-native English speakers in Europe, we are also terribly insecure of it and tend to add some kind of "sorry for my bad english" disclaimer when we write English.....

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