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I remember Mr. Wayek as a friendly contributor of what? At least 5 years ago, I'd guess.

Welcome back! :cheers:


Ha ha! thanks Joe.. I missed you too :cheerz: *clink clink

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thanks guys! it's nice to be back here and back to absinthe ..... it's a bit weird coming back to it now, but I plan on resampling all of the ones I used to drink and will talk about them later . I'm kind of starting over again though.. I don't have my nice fountain from rueverte anymore (one of the ones they used to sell that was very decorative and discontinued) and the majority of my absinthe glasses and spoons since they were lost and broken during moving


after having a few glasses though it's surprising how quick your mind goes back and you start remembering fond memories of absinthe and your palate never changes

anyways I'll talk more later

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