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Absinthe Barrel Aged Pennsylvania Swanky Beer in Loveland, CO

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Stopped into one of my favorite CO breweries in Loveland, CO (Verboten Brewing) and was surprised to see an Absinthe Barrel Aged beer on tap. It was pretty interesting. It didn't really taste like Absinthe to me but was worth trying.


I assume they use Trinity Absinthe barrels (but don't know) since Dancing Pines distillery is across the street and last i knew the Trinity was produced using their equipment.


While i knew it wouldn't happen it would have been cool if they put a spoon with sugar cube over the pint glass for the pour :)

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It's probably Leopold Bros. absinthe. I know they barrel age their absinthe for a short while and have given their barrels to breweries along the I-25 corridor a few times already.


To my knowledge Trinity/Dancing Pines doesn't barrel age their absinthe, but they may have started a project. I should give those cats a ring.

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might be this one, they use barrels from Letherbee


It was a firkin that Verboten did. They brewed it but as Evan said it is probably more likely Leopold Brothers barrels.


I was excited to see it on their tap list as it was the first time I've seen or heard of an Absinthe barrel aged beer.

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