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Modern Pernod production, article and video

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Twenty-five hectoliters (660 gallons) in four to five hours. He's running a pretty hot still.


"Wormwood flowers in late July/August and the timing of the harvest is critical. The flowers need to have opened but not be too open. This is when the plant has developed the optimum flavours and thujone levels." Nice.

"Proportionately five times as much wormwood is used than anise and this is a reflection on the amount of anise used in original Pernod Absinthe recipes dating from 1897."

"The level of wormwood Pernod use also gives the finished absinthe the maximum level of thujone currently permitted in United States law at 10mg per litre."

"The resulting distillate is then moved to a storage tank to make a batch. Of this 1,500 litres is removed and steeped with stinging nettles and Pontique Wormwood [...] This batch is blended, one part (1,500 litres) infused distillate to eight parts (12,000 litres) grape neutral alcohol and this blend is then steeped with a further 11 botanicals including liquorice, fennel, star anise, melisa, hyssop and coriander."

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