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Georges Meliès

Absinthe du Centenaire - Devoille

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This has been discussed recently with some enthusiasm on the French forum but I haven't seen it mentioned here. Devoille released a limited edition of 3000 bottles of an absinthe that commemorates the centennial of the 1915 ban. All of the herbs, except for Spanish anise, were grown by Devoille in Fougerolles.


I bought two bottles from absinthes.com and it is remarkable absinthe. Beautiful thick louche. The flavors are not particularly rich, unlike Jade, but the balance is amazing and it is incredibly complex. It reminds me of Butterfly in terms of body but with way more complexity and balance. Seriously good. For the price it's incredible. I'd buy more if I hadn't already extended my budget with l'Ancienne.


In addition the bottle is classic, with deep antique style punt, and the label is also a lovely throwback.




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Hey Brian I noticed in the review you have put Switzerland as Country of origin. Might have to edit this for Devoille? Agree this is quite a nice drop. I may have to sit my bottle a little longer and try again. I usually have all my absinthes sans sucre but have found this needing just a touch to bring out more flavour balance to my liking.

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