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Recent Maxim article. WTF

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To repeat my comments from the FB threads about this.


Some of these brands aren't American, they're made in Switzerland.

What do you mean finally? All of these brands mentioned have been around for years.

Wormwood has never been illegal, its use in food and drink was/is regulated (both here and the EU), and continues to be.

Switzerland wasn't the first to ban absinthe during the early 1900s. That award goes to both Belgium and Brazil in 1906. Or if you want to be picky The Congo Free State in 1896. Sometimes absinthe was banned due to other factors such as banning all spirits over a certain ABV, which is the case for both Brazil and Norway even today.


Aside from two brands, most of this is on the Tempus Fugit portfolio which also gets name dropped. I'd find it hard to believe that these mistakes are part of their PR.

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