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They're pairing Zufanek products with absolute trash. Probably blowing out their palates and eating up every word from these tourist traps. Hell, they even got some thujone misinformation snuck in there like a rotten cherry on top of a shit sundae.

Same stupid "tourist got suckered but believes it to be real" travel blogging.


At least they got to try the Mead Base, La Grenouille, and St. Antoine but with how it was being prepared and presented to them I doubt they got to actually taste them as intended.

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This is not real Absinth. Real Absinth is made from Distilled Worm Wood. Distilled Wood produces Methyl Alcohol which is very toxic to humans. The Methyl Alcohol is what produces the Hallucinations in real Absinth and also why it is drank with sugar because wood Alcohols are very bitter. Currently sold Absinth has no Wood Alcohol in it.

. And the COMMENTS... .

Why....whatever could you mean???

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