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Georges Meliès

'Ouraline' (uranium glass) Jade glasses

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This has been discussed over on the French forum, but for once it's about a product made in the US, and sold by a WS forum sponsor: new handblown glasses made with a 19th century formula for uranium glass, which flouresces brightly under UV light:





Very interesting item. Vintage 'ouraline' absinthe glasses are rare and expensive. And it's no longer legal to make uranium glassware in the European Union. Apparently that prohibition doesn't apply in the US so we get a leg up.

They're certainly not cheap but I like the reservoir glass enough that I ordered one the other day and eagerly await its arrival. Under normal light it's a very pale green which should look very interesting when filled with absinthe. I see myself preparing a Jade Édouard next week, using the (out of production) Jade spoon and this new Jade glass. I wonder if Ted sells stock in the company? :laugh:

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I received my reservoir glass today. Really nice.... Clearly handblown, with pontil scar on the bottom. The reservoir holds 40ml when filled to the top. It weighs just under 11 ounces.


The color is spot-on; the picture below shows it next to an original ouraline carafe. I'm looking forward to tonight's Esprit d'Édouard in this pretty new glass. It feels great in hand.


The second photo shows it under a UV light.



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Esprit d'Édouard.


This glass is really amazing. The green tint is faint enough that it doesn't make a big change in the color of the absinthe, but what is so stunning is that the UV in natural sunlight (since it's still sunny into the evening) makes the glass positively glow. Nothing like an ordinary colored glass. This is almost surreal.


It's truly gorgeous.


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I've got the East Glass version. Now I'd wish they would restock the reservoir so I can have both.


Edit: Fortune smiles! Come to papa! :yahoo:

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