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Vintage Junod fountain

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I stumbled upon a vintage Junod fountain really cheap the other day.

But the glass is broken/missing, so my question is:

Does anyone here tried replacing the bowl of an old fountain?
I'm guessing someone here must have tried:) Do I need to have it custom made, or does any of the new

replacement ones fit with a little help?


The fountain in question is not preban from what I know, made for anis/pastis I think

I think it's from the 20's or 30's.


Any advice is greatly appreciated.



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It is likely a JR fountain...if so, it will be stamped JR. Does it have a base made of stacked rings, reducing in diameter? If you posted a photo, it would help.

You can find JR fountains regularly on Ebay France, as they are fairly common. Please don't use it however; they are extremely high in lead

content, and it may still have the asbestos filter inside the drain assembly, with the small holes. If you unscrew the nut, the drain lifts off, and there's

an inner ring on the underside, which slides out, allowing you to remove the asbestos. It's best, however, to leave it there for originality, and to simply not use the fountain.


You can likely find one for parts, if you are patient. Getting the globe off can be tricky, but you may be able to swap out the whole section if you find another fountain for parts!

Best of luck!

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I don't think it's JR Fountain, unless they made varying designs?

It's not the one with the base you describe, it's the same type as pictured here:




(Only the glass is missing, but the base, valves and top are identical)

I don't have it here yet, but on the photos the brand "Junod" is written/stamped in the base.


Lead and asbestos, sounds like a good reason to use it as decoration:)

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After some additional googling I see this one also described as a JR fountain several places, but I don't know if it is or isn't. It seems fairly common though.

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Late to the fight, but no, it's not a JR


That would be a late Georges Long, harder to find, far more expensive than a JR, and as far as I know the less reproduced. Sorry, but in these conditions a broken bowl will be almost impossible to replace


(yeah, very late, but at least that may help someone later)

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Hi, didn't see your reply until now.

Thank you!

So these were produced by Georges Long? I can find no signature anywhere.

I have since found and bought a complete fountain of the same type, but without the Junod markings.

It's clearly the fountain that the early Frenchman repros were based on.

It is not pictured in neither "Absinthe Antiques" or "The Absinthe Encyclopedia" but I have seen it around a few times

on the net.

(its listed at "http://www.antiqueabsintheware.com/product-p/43302.htm", but it seems a bit overpriced:)

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