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Round 2 barrel aging

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You can always try a real oak barrel, they breathe and can give great complexity to what ever spirit you like. I always use the ones from oak barrels ltd. they are med. to med.+ toasted, come as small as one liter with a stand, bung and spigot. Also not a big expense at about $33 depending on the hoop material.

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Nice choice to see how oak can interact with a spirit.

Your going to be toasting barrels out by the barn yet. :pirate:


If you have the opportunity to experiment further, try using some tight grain northern U.S. white oak. Harvested above 1,800 ft.

Quarter sawn and air dried. The longer it aged at the mill the better. You can find smaller yards where rough sawn timber may be in the racks for six to ten years. That would be a really intriguing cask for absinthe to make a short stay prior to a neutral. :dribble:

A high quality absinthe would use a lower level toast range, depending how old the oak is.

Every four degrees F. in a toast range will produce another effect above 320 degrees F.

Developing excessive carbon is used for indiscriminately scavenging of a distillate.

Oak fiber damage such as end cuts, will produce cloying wood flavors over time. Trying to stay truer to a stave will help when planning casks later.

Of course these are my observations, your experiments have and will produce interesting observations as well. :arrr:

Nice pictures of your part one testing.


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