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Whiskey Stones

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I got these given to me for Christmas from the wifey and thought WTF? I drink my Whiskey on the Rocks but Ice, I like melted ice.. then I had a great idea? Ever had that moment when you ve let your absinthe sit for a while and it goes warm? Welll just stick these in for a few minutes, extract and voila you have your cold drink back!




Disclaimer: Im not affiliated with the company

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I use them, periodically, with whiskey and scotch. I generally do not add water to mine, so these are fine for my purposes. if you're a big fan of adding a few drops/a splash to your beverage though, these serve less utility.


As to adding these to absinthe, I've seldom had a glass sit long enough to get warm, ;) . Then again, I DO live in Minnesota...

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