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Hello, everyone! I've been lurking for a very long time and decided to come out of the ... wormwoodwork? I dunno. :)


I live in Austin, Texas, and have been enjoying absinthe since the late 90s when a friend in Europe acted as my, uhh, ambassador. I've only recently started looking into buying antique/vintage hardware for my hobby, and in fact the information about that subject here on these forums is one of the reasons I'm un-lurking myself.


My favorite brand seems to fluctuate over time, unlike my taste in Scotch. I would have to say, however, that my consistent favorite over time has been the Mansinthe. Take that for what it's worth, but I do enjoy it. My most recent favorite is the Enigma verté, and I'm also fond of Kübler, which is good for me because the liquor store half a block from my house keeps it in stock.


Well, glad to meet you. Have a nice day!

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