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Swedish bitters?

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Swedish bitters: "Originally formulated by Paracelcus, Swedish Bitters was rediscovered during the 18th century by Dr. Urban Hjärne and Dr. Claus Samst, two Swedish medics. Later, an Austrian herbalist Maria Treben strongly promoted it for its wonderful treatment properties. The tonic is available in various formulations in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions. Swedish Bitters is known to generally contain rhubarb root, aloe, saffron, camphor, angelica root, zedvoary root, carline thistle root, myrrh, senna leaves and theriac venezia."


Also can be made at home. http://morningramble.blogspot.com/2006/02/swedish-bitters.html


Anyone have any opinions, or experience using them?

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I did once, drank a tea made from swedish bitters to control a skin eczema. Worked really well as a liver tonic for cleansing. I should have it more now given my liver needs a cleanse..


Btw how god a name is Paracelcus?


Which part of Sweden was he/she from?

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After a quick internet check for any negative issues, I did not find anything too alarming.


here is something for one specific brand. "Maria Treben's Authentic Swedish Bitters" (as sold at swedishbitters. com)



Some cause for concern, but you can evaluate for yourself.


I think I like the make at home option, If you know your herbs and the supplier of those herbs.

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