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Is this cendrier likely to be authentically antique?

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You dodged the bullet on this one. Careful with the vocabulary too, a match striker is not an ash tray ;)


Absinthe pyrogènes are at the crossroads of three worlds of collectors : barware collectors, pyrogène specialized collectors, and absinthe collectors.

You can be damn sure that if a real vintage absinthe pyrogène appears, at least someone will strike hard to deter some of the competition. Count 100€ in the first day.

And that's in the case of an auction. Where the seller refused any direct offer in a message.


In the other case... Let me tell you a story. A few years back, in the middle of the day, I get a message from a collector friend : "a set of three spoon including a Croix suisse was listed for 30€ a few minutes ago". Yup, 30mn top between the moment it appeared as listed and the moment I payed the bill.

To think that a real absinthe pyrogène would last till the end with a 25€ price tag, when you expect it to be tenfold...


The other issue, which is actually quite the same as with the St Clément pitchers, is that these false pyros plague the French flea markets and antique shops also. To the point that there was a day I was in a shop and saw one of these craps with a 90€ price tag, and pointed it to the seller. She answered with as much disdain as possible "yes, I know I've been had, but I have to get my money back somehow".

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