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Gwydion Stone

Forum Rules and Terms of Service

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All of our rules have to do with maintaining a friendly, safe and pleasant environment for people who want to learn about and discuss absinthe and related topics. Most are self-evident, but explanations are provided below.


1. Read the Absinthe FAQ and search the forums before asking questions.


2. Be Polite. Have Respect. Be nice, or go away.


3. Spell-check; use the shift key (capitalize). Refrain from chat-speak; Don't quote the previous post.


4. No flaming; No Trolls; No Puppets (aliases).


5. Respect Privacy.


6. Try To Stay On Topic.


7. No Political or Religious Debates or Gibes.


8. Be Hospitable.


9. NO SPAM. Don't join this forum just to sell things.


10. No Hobbyist Distilling Discussion; Don't Ask, Don't Tell. This isn't the place for it, this is.


11. No Offensive Avatars or Signatures. They'll be removed at the admins' discretion.



The moderation team has the ability, right and responsibility to edit, move, lock or delete offensive or inappropriate posts. If you don't want your immortal, classic wit tampered with, make sure it's within these guidelines as explained below.


1. Read the Absinthe FAQ (link at top of every page) before posting and especially before asking questions. If you don't, you'll most likely ruffle some feathers by asking very frequently asked (and answered) basic questions. This is extremely annoying. It's fine if you need to ask for elaboration or directions to references. Just don't come here asking which brand has the most thujone. If you feel the need to challenge the established "conventional wisdom" or to seek validation of it, do so in a respectful manner.


If you have a question not covered in the FAQ, use the search function on both the main site and the forums. Chances are, your question has been covered somewhere. Be creative with your search terms. A list of other common questions which have been discussed is appended below. These will be added to the FAQ eventually.


2. Be Polite. Have Respect.

This doesn't mean we can't joke around or be witty and sarcastic, it just means that you should keep it fun. Don't be mean or nasty. Keep profanity within due bounds - i.e. try to refrain altogether. A little innuendo goes a long way; there's no need to be vulgar and explicit. If you want to get rowdy, that's fine, but there are other places to do it. This isn't one of them. This is a place for people who like absinthe and/or want to learn more about it, not for hooliganism. Neither is it a mosh pit, rave, 1337 h4XX0r chat room or online gaming arena.


If you have knowledge to share, do so with respect for those who are new to this area of study. Difference of opinion is to be expected; belligerence and berating someone for theirs is not. If you have information which is contrary to the currently accepted knowledge, theories, etc. you should expect resistance at first, so come armed with solid facts, scientific evidence and citations. Mere opinions and under-informed reasoning will just muddy the water.


3. Spell-check, use the shift key (capitalize), refrain from chat-speak; don't quote the previous post.

Please be thoughtful and make an effort to use proper punctuation, capitalization, spelling and grammar. Since this isn't a real-time, teen chat room, you have the time to check for errors as well as the ability to edit a post once it's made.


Using good writing habits is courteous and projects a more credible image of the writer. People who appear to be illiterate are seldom taken seriously. Safari users can go to Edit > Spelling > Check Spelling As You Type. Firefox checks spelling automatically.


Also, please refrain from quoting the previous post. This has the effect of repeating the last thing someone says to you in a conversation before your own response (echolalia).


If you want to respond to a particular part of a longer post, then you should delete the unnecessary parts. When quoting any lengthy post, chop out the unnecessary bits and delete as many line breaks as possible. It makes the thread much easier to read. Be careful to leave both the [ quote ] and [ /quote ] tags intact.


The Quote button, at the bottom right of every post, is for quoting the post it's attached to. Clicking this button will automatically take you to the reply field, with the selected post already formatted for quoting.


The More Reply Options button, at the bottom of the page, will take you to a more detailed composing window.


4. No Flaming; No Trolls; No Puppets (aliases).

This includes newbie flaming or hazing. We're here to learn, educate, socialize and have fun; flaming promotes none of these. Disagreements happen, and we welcome diverse opinions and tastes, but personal attacks will not be tolerated. The admins are adept at detecting sneaky jabs, so don't. Puppets (secret aliases) have no place here either.


5. Respect Privacy

Privacy is important here. Information posted here may not be posted elsewhere without the express permission of the author. Public posting of information communicated in confidence is seriously frowned upon and may result in suspension or banning.


6. Try To Stay On Topic

This is not strictly enforced here, but please try to steer things back occasionally. The admins or mods will move topics into the appropriate forum if necessary. If a topic or thread becomes offensive or far off topic, it may be either deleted, locked, split, or moved.


Do not hijack another poster's thread with nonsense. If you're not interested in the topic, skip it. Threads that start out as complete nonsense may be exempt from this rule.


7. Do Not Debate Politics and Religion.

Two topics are considered strictly and permanently off-topic here: Partisan Politics and Sectarian Religion. We're referring here to Republican/Democrat, Conservative/Liberal, Christian/Muslim/Jew, Mac/Windows, and particularly any form of belligerent nationalism, ethnocentrism or racism. There are other venues which allow these discussions, but it is most often the case that they generate more heat than light.


This doesn't mean that the very mention of these topics is forbidden, but when a discussion veers toward discussing the relative merits of a given position, it's time to gently change the subject.


This includes inter-forum politics. This refers to the inflammatory sentiments regarding differences in policy and operations of the respective absinthe forums. They are irrelevant here. [For new folks: there has been a history of disgruntled cross-forum members who were dissatisfied with the differences between different forum's policies and who made quite a bit of noise about it some years ago. Our position on this is that this is like complaining about two restaurants having different music, food, drinks, ambiance or dress codes. You should frequent the place that suits your taste and where you're most comfortable.]


8. Be Hospitable.

Newcomers deserve our hospitality and the benefit of the doubt until clearly demonstrated otherwise. You are not required to respond to anyone, so if you don't feel like being hospitable, be neutral.


There are always going to be difficult people. If a particular member simply annoys you, just ignore them (there is an ignore member feature in your control panel). If a member is abusive directly toward you or another member, please use the Report link at the lower right of each post.


9. NO SPAM. Don't join our forum just sell things. Even if they're things you know that we will like, or want. If you don't have a sincere personal interest in absinthe you don't belong here. Well-known vendors are welcome to post about new product availability and members may solicit swaps or offer collectibles for sale in the Marketplace section. New members: it's best to wait a while before looking for a buyer for something. Contact an admin if you are unsure about this.


10. No Hobbyist Distilling Discussion. That means avoiding any indications, either direct or by innuendo, that you yourself are practicing, intend to practice, or are interested in practicing illicit, unlicensed distilling; we don't want to know about it.


If you need to be told why publicly admitting to committing a felony offense is a bad idea, you're too foolish and reckless to be here. There are anonymous distillation discussion boards out there. While there are a small number of hobbyists around the world producing non-commercial absinthe, there are few, if any, which are producing at anywhere near what could be considered commercially viable volume. They generally produce absinthe in very small batches of one to several liters. Keep in mind, these folks are hobbyists, very much like home brewers and wine makers.


Out of fairness to US hobbyists, this rule applies also to folks who live in the very few countries in the world where home distilling is legal.


11. No Offensive Usernames, Avatars or Signatures. Please keep it sociable. Your user name probably says more about you than you realize. An avatar (user pic, icon, what-have-you) or signature is there to say a little something extra about yourself and should not be used to bludgeon people's eyes. Finding the most objectionable image possible for an avatar in order to provoke an emotional response seems to have become an internet art form. We reserve the right to delete offensive or intentionally provocative images. You can upload one or link from elsewhere.


We actually encourage the use of your real name (John Smith, J Smith, John S, etc.) and a real photo of yourself.



We regret that enforcement has to be so firm, but past experience with recalcitrant members has proved it necessary. Disregarding these rules may result in a warning from the admin or moderators, depending upon the degree of the offense. Repeated violations will incur temporary suspension of posting privileges for a time felt to be proportionate to the offense, future instances of the same offense will result in banning—removal of all access to the board.


Deliberate breaking of these rules, personal attacks, aggressive obscenity, or violent and abusive language toward a member or even a non-member may result in immediate banning without warning.


The moderation team has the ability, right, and responsibility to edit, move, lock, or delete offensive or inappropriate posts. If you don't want your immortal classic wit tampered with, make sure it's within the guidelines as explained above.


These rules may be amended as necessary at any time and without notice. So check back now and again.



Some common questions not covered in the FAQ but which have been addressed repeatedly in the forums, please search before asking:


My First Absinthe Purchase: what should it be?

I bought _____ , did I get ripped off?

Shipping/Vendor questions: How long? Who? Where is my order? How reliable is ___?

Absinthe in Canada and Australia

Homemade absinthe from essences and kits

Legal absinthe substitutes

Sugar or no sugar

Favorite brand

Making or acquiring fountains or spigots

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