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Hello everyone!

First of all, pardon my english grammar.
After lurking around on the forum without a user for a couple of years finally got around to register:)
I thought I'd write just a couple of sentences about how I got into absinthe, but ended up writing several instead:
I've been a whisky fanatic since I tasted my first spirits at a somewhat young age, and had a lot of fun with all those wonderful distilleries in and outside of Scotland.
My first experience with absinthe wasn't very impressive, it was probably some horrible czech swill(I don't remember its name)
I stumbled upon it at the airport in Amsterdam in 2004. I'd grown up with the romantic myths surrounding absinthe in books and movies, and was intrigued to see it for sale for the first time.
But the taste was a let down; like a mix of Sambuca & mouthwash, and I was very dissapointed at the lack of that famous louche.
After that I realized this had little to do with the old product, and thought little more of it after that.
Several years later while searching for vintage whisky I stumbled upon "Finest and Rarest", and quickly saw the preban-absinthes there. I've always been a sucker for edible antiques:)
So I was thrilled to see that those bottles not only still existed, but was also avaivable for purchase. This changed everything, and while I couldn't afford any bottle of preban at the time I read more of the history
and learned that there was a whole bunch of serious distillers making premium absinthe. And so I started ordering quite a few bottles at Rue Verte, and I guess that was it.

These days I've been researching more than usual on the web for several reasons, partially because I just ordered a bottle of P. Tarragona, and is becoming hell bent on aquiring a preban as soon as I can convince my wallet that it can take it:P
While spending the last couple of weeks reading everything I've come across on the web I thought it was time to make myself an account and introduce myself.
Also, I might bother you with a few newbie-questions in the nearest future:)

So, sorry for lurking around for so long, and thanks for keeping this forum alive and kicking everyday!


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Thanks alot everyone!


I realize I forgot to mention my favourite absinthe is Absinthe Tunel 80 Black. The high alcohol makes for a much better flame and black is just soo

much more awesome then green. I heard its made from the original dr. Ordinaire recipe too, so the others should really pull them selves together if they

want to become as authentic as Tunel.


Noo, kidding of course:P


Cajun Magic: Thanks!

Greenferri: I had to google that, but yeah, Shazbot!

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I realize I forgot to mention my favourite absinthe is Absinthe Tunel 80 Black.


You got me. I made a horrible noise upon reading that. :laugh:

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