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What is this? A Water pitcher?

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I think by the description an absinthe decanter, not seen anything like it as most advertising bar ware were made of glass, so maybe just another fine fake, not even a reproduction. I would do some homework on it before buying.

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I've never seen anything remotely like it. I see nothing that says anything about a "Mucha Bar" on it. It does say "Chausetrappe Fils & Gendre, Distillateurs a Saumur". Nothing on them. Chausse-trappe, however is what we call a caltrop, a painful sort of spiked booby trap.


This bears a striking resemblance to the "repro" pyrogenees that are around, advertising all manner of brands no one ever heard of. Also note that it's in absolutely mint condition. Not so much as a smudge on the base, not even the scuffs you'd expect from sitting in a carton for a few years.


I'm dubious at the least.

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I found this similar Alphonse Mucha bottle labeled for Gentain "Chausse-trappe"





Decorative pieces. Probably more of an appeal to folks who like Mucha. It looks like part of a set or series.

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