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Elixer Combier- Lovely stuff!

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After being absolutely enamored with Espirit Edouard, and seeing the Elixir Combier at my go-to liquor store, I decided to give it a try. The ingredients really intrigued me- cardamom, saffron, myrrh. I mean... myrrh, like the stuff they brought baby Jesus? Who does that???

Upon tasting it, I was quite glad I gave it a try. Clearly it's more of a sweet desert drink. I've found that 1-2 ounces poured over 3-4 ice cubes is a nice way to savor it. The only thing I don't understand is why my store was selling it for $25, which seems to be half the price that it sells for in Europe where it comes from. I'm not complaining of course, I just don't get it!?!


So, anyone else enjoy the Elixir? Any favorite ways to "prepare" it?


[Edit: I'm new to the forum, and just set my avatar pic as an old EC poster. Before anyone accuses me of being a distributor for them or something, it's really more just because I like the little bearded guy, and wanted to have something different than an old absinthe poster! I'm not obsessed with the Elixir, I promise!

Actually, the fact I misspelled "Elixir" in the topic title and don't know how to fix it should probably be proof of that. :) ]

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If it's good enough for 'lil Yeshua Ha-Nasri then I can't complain either! I'm not a big fan of sweet so I would rather drink a glass before taking the plunge. Benedictine was waaay too sweet for my tastes so I'm cautious when it comes to the sort. Do the other notes balance the sweetness TG?


Note: If I offended anyone by my reference to the historical Yeshua Ha-Nasri then I apologize. I respect everyones religious and philosophical beliefs. I have no intention of starting a religious discussion or argument. I merely referenced the historical side and not the religious/philosophical side of the figure hence the choice of name.


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Do the other notes balance the sweetness TG?


It's nicely balanced in my opinion, but it is decidedly sweet.


From what I've seen, it's sold in 375ml bottles in Europe too, so I don't think these are half bottles.

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