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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

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Hello guys and girls.

I'm completely new to absinthe in the sense that I was 18 last time I drank it and their was no diluting it or savouring the experiance. I can't treally tell youhow I come to start researching it a couple of months ago but I've just bought my self a bottle of Perroquet absinth and two glasses. Before buying a drip machine I'm going to make sure I take to it. My girlfriend and I will be having a date night on Friday and sipping it for our drink.

About me then... Well I'm 31 and work offshore on a North Sea oil rig. I'm sick of coming home and drinking nothing but larger and the odd vodka so I'm taking up absinthe as a hobbie (I know how bad that sounds ha).

I don't really know what to type to be honest.

I hope you're all well




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