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Green swill, economy 5 liter size

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I wouldn't drink it, but I can think of many other uses.
Kills bugs
Wash you floors
Dip your sheep and die them green!
Make baby bats frisky again!

Now what is really scary is that this stuff sells.

Google translated description:



Green absinthe 55% vol

contains dye

(Liters Price 18,50 €)

in a 5 liter PET containers.
For bottling suitable for resale or for dispensing at a party, wedding, family, etc. Very hard because they get a discount for this purchase. If you are interested in a larger quantity, please contact us via e-mail

From a decrease of 25 liters, also of different varieties, discounts are available. Discounts please ask first by e-mail
You can als a 10 liter and 25 liter jerry cans this article of course.

Analysis findings:
alpha-thujone <0.1 mg / l
beta-thujone <0.1 mg / l
beta.-asarone <0.03 mg / l
Coumarin <0.2 mg / l
Pulegone 1.1 mg / l
Safrole <0.1 mg / l
Isosafrol <0.1 mg / l


my guess is that it is just cheep flavorings added to bulk fruit alcohol.


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Because a herbicide container of Czechsinthe seems perfectly safe and legit. I wonder if it will kill Johnson Grass, Raoul Grass and the like? :g:

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I bet it will kill the weeds!


Someone who bought this stuff in the novelty skull bottles said:

künstlich zusammengepanschter Dreck - hat nix mit Destellerie zu tun -nie wieder

roughly transl.

adulterated filth - has nothing to do with a Destellery- never again.








All those novelty "absinthes" you see online, Probably start out this way, in a big plastic industrial container.

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Just a point, Apocalypse made by Frenchman Phil, is a decent and real absinthe, and comes in this same bottle. It however, is a natural shade of green. I'm seeing this dumb bottle with quite

a few different liquids inside lately.

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