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Absinthe Fire Stunt in Media

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This story, in the mainstream press, is a perfect example of everyone here should do whatever you can to discourage absinthe fire stunts.

Posted in NY Daily News:




From the WS FAQ # 8

At no time in the history of absinthe, until the late 1990's, has the
“Czech Method” of lighting absinthe-soaked sugar on fire—recently
popularized in the movies From Hell, Moulin Rouge, and Alfie—ever been
used. This is a modern innovation and a pointless abuse of good
absinthe. Aside from spectacle, it has no effect whatsoever except
possibly that of introducing a burnt-marshmallow taste to the absinthe
thus obscuring the delicate herbal nuances and ruining its flavor.

No one who knows anything about absinthe and its history would use
this method. Compare it to shaking a bottle of champagne. Given the
high-proof nature of the liquor it can also be very dangerous, resulting
in a cracked or broken glass, injury and accidental fire.

:no-czechs3: :no-czechs3: :no-czechs3:

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I immediately shared that video when I saw it as yet another reason to keep those lighters pocketed. The customer was a dumbass, and, maybe I'm wrong to judge, but bartenders should be a bit more skilled at pouring, don't you think?

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... don't you think?

I think if you're stupid enough to pour flammable liquid on your face, (especially when it's already on fire) you should expect to get burned.


...and you should expect to have people laugh at your dumb ass.

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While I don't like to see stupid people rewarded, I think the the bar and bartender need to be held responsible.

Someone who is intoxicated can be talked into doing something they would not normally do.


Even if the stunt was the victim's idea, the bartender and establishment are at least equally negligent for going along with it.

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