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Home Brewing

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Howdy, I was wondering if anyone could point me to a site that has info on home brewing beers and ales. I've been interested in this for years and finally decided to get of my butt and do it. Thanks for the info.

Some good places to start:






Trying to get my apartment cleaned up so I've got space to start doing some of my own brewing as well.

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This is a link to –How to Brew- by John Palmer online



This is a website that always seems to come up at GotMead, it has a good range of supplies, for someone who wants to make beer, wine, anything but distilled spirits. If your new you can get starter kits from around the $60



For $69 you can get

This Personal Brewery includes:

• 6 gallon plastic fermenting bucket with spigot

• Bucket lid with stopper and special hole for air lock

• 6 gallon bottling bucket with spigot

• Triple scale testing hydrometer with test tube

• Bottle cleaning brush

• 3 piece airlock

• Bottle filler and 4' food-grade vinyl transfer tube

• Hand-lever bottle capper and 50 bottle caps

• BTF Iodophor sanitizer for sanitizing equipment (4oz)

• Reusable nylon steeping bag

• Popular reference book - Home Beer Making III

• Our B3 brewing directions

PET bottles are a good way to go, as if you over carbonize they won’t explode on you.


If you live in a cooler area and want to brew you may want to get yourself a heating belt as well, http://www.morebeer.com/product.html?product_id=16674


You might want a secondary glass carboy to rack you beer to, to age it for a few weeks later on as well.


This link helps with working out how much sugar to prime your bottles with



I did a search for individual items that would be good for getting started as well,


FE345 : Plastic Bucket With Spigot (6 Gallon)- Price: $11.45

FE360 : Lid With Hole - Price: $2.10

FE440 : #7 With Hole - Price: $1.00

FE370 : Airlock - 3 Piece - Price: $1.00

-from http://www.morebeer.com/


Then you would need bottling equipment, and the malt extract, or malt it’s self along with a good pot to boil it all in. You might be able to get it cheaper by buying individual items, apposed to a beginner kit, hence i added this.


Hope that helps, i'm new to brewing myself, on my third batch of beer.



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