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Gwydion Stone

Subscription Memberships

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Fixed! Well, not fixed, replaced, really. It's on the home page at the top right, under the login link.

I had to go outside the forum software to do it, so if you're not registered on the main site, you'll have to do that. Please use the same user name so I can appropriately assign the icon to your profile. I don't like the look of the page, so I'll make it look less cheesy when I get a chance.

For the newcomers reading this, subscriptions are not—and never will be—required or expected, and they don't grant access to anything in the forums that any other registered member can't see. They will however get you healthy discounts on WS events like GAAF and, in the not too distant future I hope, merchandise and accessories. For the latter, the discounts will be based on the amount and duration of the subscription, so you may want to consider signing up. ;)


I know that our membership spans the entire economic range from flat-broke to quite-comfortable, so if you're totally strapped don't sweat it, just take care of yourself and have fun, but if you can spare a few bucks it'll sure help the cause.


The funds from subscriptions go toward software licensing and upgrade costs (the forum, the main site, and the review system are all separate licenses), hosting, my internet connectivity, and other WS-related expenses as they come up.

There are standard and anonymous options for each level. The standard option displays an icon in your profile and changes your member group to reflect your subscription level:

Bronze: bronze.png Silver: silver.png Gold: gold.png Diamond: diamond.png

Subscribers come and go all the time, but we currently have three bronze members, five silver members, and two gold members.


Thanks for reading, and thanks for your support! Cheers! :cheers:

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