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Lucid Frenchman Fountain on "Baggage Battles"

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Baggage Battles is a show on the Travel Channel about folks who bid on unclaimed airline baggage, freight, and so on.

This episode aired on Dec.19 episode 'Boy Toys'

So if you ordered a Lucid fountain, and never got it.... :3869-sadbanana: this may be what happened to it.



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He paid too much for those shorts. :shifty:


Actually I just bought a two spout Lady fountain from Lucid for $123 about a month ago. It isn't etched "Lucid" nor is it "Frenchman" and it works just fine for the two times I've used it. Really only bought it as a novelty. I guess just to say I got one. Too much trouble dragging the damn thing out and filling it up just to louche a glass. And an 'agonizingly slow drip makes me wanna gouge my eyes out. Lets get on with the damn drinkin' already! :drunk: :drunk: Gimme a carafe, a dripper or a balancier any day of the week.

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That is so hilarious but I agree with you completely. You would not believe the battles that have been waged both here (and in my home) over how fast or slow a drip should be.

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