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Absinthe on the History Channel

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Tonight there's a great show on the History Channel called "Mysteries at the Museum". They go to various museums and tell the story of interesting artifacts they find there. Tonight includes a segemnt from the Museum of American Cocktails in New Orleans about absinthe. Should be interesting.

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It is not on the History Ch. It is on the TRAVEL Channel.


Thanks for the heads up! DVR set :euro:






Patience Worth, Space Monkey

Don Wildman examines a set of books that contain a haunting tale
told from beyond the grave, a primate involved in early space
exploration, and a bottle of alcohol believed to compel drinkers to
commit acts of violence.


believed that absinthe may have caused one man to go on a murderous
rampage, but researchers at the Museum of the American Cocktail think


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The segment was about the Lanfray story, and Ted Breaux sets the record strait. :euro:

Not bad. Of course, I wish the segment was a bit longer and more complete.


I wouldn't call it a 'must see' for anyone already familiar with the Lanfray story. Nothing really new for us here on the forums; but I think the message got out to many new folks that absinthe does not make you crazy.

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I'm glad the word is getting out to a wider audience. I can't tell you how many times I've been asked, "Am I going to cut my ear off?" or "I'm not going to go crazy, am I?"


Maybe, just once, I should respond, "Yes, yes you are." :shifty:

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