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Matt S

Quality Australian Absinthe-demand?

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All of you Aussies out there, lend me your ears (and of cause everyone else).

Is there much of a demand for good quality, authenique Absinthe in Australia?

How do you reckon a distillery would go in Australia, if somone opened one? I am quite interested in what everyone thinks on this subject.



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Two Aussie brands I know of:

I started this thread here:



note the comments about price!


And then you have Moulin Rooz, (which looks very artificially colored.)

reviewed here



and here



available here




Absinthesalon may be able to tell you how many requests they get for a domestic brand.


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Thanks for the links. I am aware of both of these, and have heard some not so good reviews about both.

I would be very keen to see some traditional Absinthe distilled right here in Australia.

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