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Western Australia, The Grove Vineyard, microbatch absinthe

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The Grove Vineyard in Western Australia has a small batch absinthe:



Our new absinthe is made from %100 organic ingrediants, even the colouring agent was made by our distiller from %100 organic herbs.

No artificial colouring or flavourings in this beverage!

Our fist batch is only 160 bottles which are individually numbered.


It looks like they can ship within Australia.











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Hello, Australian here. I have bought this product and would not recommend it. It tastes of undistilled wormwood, has no hint of anise, and the majority of flavour seems to come from the plant used to colour.


Using 'The wormwood society absinthe evaluation sheet' The Grove Absinthe received a 1.8 / 5

An image of the filled out form, is attached, but can be found at this site http://i.imgur.com/NAziXk0.png


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