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Brian Robinson

Bianca Verde

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Not yet, no. Tax time produces a few months where I really NEED a drink, but don't get much chance to actually do so, let alone take enough time to properly review things. Looking forward to fixing that soon. :)

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I'm drinking a glass of Bianca Verde now, and I must say that Evan was spot-on with his review. That wormwood really comes charging out! The anis only makes an appearance at the finish, along with strong notes of mint. I'm really enjoying it, although it's so sweet that I would recommend it as a digestif,


It's color is so light green that it is almost a blanche. In fact, after louche it looks *just like* one- I've attached a photo as an example. I only have one complaint- that label!! It looks like the album art for a high school metal band. Don't be deceived however- this is a quite good absinthe for, as Evan stated, a wormwood bomb. :thumbup:





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