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Aeration of absinthe before bottling?

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Looking at so many comments about how an absinthe will change flavor after some bottle breathing time....


I was wondering if anyone has experimented with aeration of absinthe at the time of bottling.

Perhaps something like setting aside a few liters, and pump some air though it, then bottle. Then compare with the non aerated batch in a few weeks or months. Also try air vs pure oxygen.


Actually you would not need to pump any air, maybe just let the liquid fall through an aeration screen of some kind. Whatever way used, but something that would aerate the hell out of it before going in the bottle.


Has any distiller done something like this? (I know about the historic Oxygenee, I'm talking about modern)


Does this sound like a worth while experiment?

Any other suggestions of an aeration experiment?



Post bottling experiment for absinthe drinkers:. If anyone wants to play mad scientist, take two CO bottles from the same batch, ( a known numbered batch) open both bottles. Take one bottle, and aerate the hell out of it. Maybe use an aquarium pump, or use some medical oxygen. Then re cork both bottles. Taste compare in a few weeks.

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Vinturi starting making one for spirits about a year+ ago.


I don't see the utility in it, for spirits. Plus, the whole process of louching (dripping water from several inches above the glass) seems igitation enough to me.



Count me in the 'skeptical' column.

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I've read about some homebrewers using an aquarium bubbler for get some oxygen into their must. It probably isn't a good idea to use one in high-proof alcohol though, and it would be an expensive experiment depending on which brand one would use.



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Well the 2012 Belle Amie is 700ml of booze in a 750ml bottle if that counts.


(Google translation via Verte d'Absinthe)


The tinted bottle contains 75 cl 70 cl Absinthe: 5 cl air ensure adequate oxygenation and optimal maturation and a gradual aging in the bottle. Upon opening the absinthe unveils its full potential.


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