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Delurker from San Diego

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Hello fellow absintheurs. I guess after about 2 years on here it's time to delurk. I go by the name Gabber, I grew up in San Diego but have a passion for world travel and experiencing new things. Absinthe has always been intriguing to me. I tried my first absinthe back in 1999 back when you could only get czech absinthe.


Started trying absinthes like Sebor, Hills, King of spirits etc. Needless to say they were not great. but every couple of years I would try new absinthes. I went to europe back in 1999 and 2001 then again in 2010 and would always try and find good absinthes. In 2010 I stayed at the Practic hotel in Paris for the sole reason that it was next door vert d'absinthe. Picked up 6 bottles of random absinthes and really fell in love with the stuff. Picked up several more bottles in Rome and well.... ever since then I've been on a quest to try as many absinthes as possible and it's basically all I will drink anymore.


I started coming to this site when I was looking for reviews on absinthe and was trying to find pre ban, but never really posted. Now that the site is picking up more and more I thought I would try and contribute from my findings over the years and am hoping to maybe trade samples and do blind tastings with fellow board members.


I have continuously held "absinthe parties" over the years to introduce people to the world of absinthe and make sure it was prepared properly [by setting that shit on fire yo!] jk, with sugar and ice cold water using my absinthe fountain and/or balancier. I introduced my gf to absinthe and she loves it. Drinking anything else just seems like a waste so we drink way too much of the stuff. =P That's pretty much it as far as me and absinthe.


As far as me as an individual. I'm 32 years old. I love art and music [not the typical kind] I produce noisy chaos and call it "music", I draw weird crap and call it "art". I love creativity but despise drugs [aside from alchohol]. I grew up as a Gabber [doubt any of you will know what that is]. There weren't a lot of gabbers around growing up so I hung out with the goth/industrial kids. I don't consider myself goth but am often labled as one due to my apperance. Aside from art and music my other passion is cars. Working on them, showing them, canyon runs, etc. Anyway, looking forward to conversing with you guys and I promise to try and finally be active on here!

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ever since then I've been on a quest to try as many absinthes as possible and it's basically all I will drink anymore.


This sounds familiar! I have an extensive assortment of alcohol and almost every time I'm drinking something other than absinthe I find myself thinking about absinthe anyway...



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What's up Gabber? I am 32 as well and discovered gabber music back in college around the year 2000. It was also big in Amsterdam when I first visited there in 2003. I also like goth music and other noisy music such as powerviolence! ...So you're in good company. I have actually had good music chats with a bunch of other members here. The cool part about being into absinthe now is that there's so much available, and it's easier to get than years ago. This site has the best absinthe reviews and discussion forum, in my humble opionion! Cheers!

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