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Gwydion Stone

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i dont see anymore of the "Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder." shirts. Any idea if that shirt exist anymore?
I took those down when the Absinthe Illuminati adopted the Eye of Providence as their emblem. I think I've only sold maybe four or five of them.
I just ordered a WS shirt!! I can't wait to get it!!
You will need to post a pic wearing it.  Hiram needs a model!
Yeah. Just the shirt though.



I wish I'd had that rule when I was younger.




Check out the new black shirt design! I'll be adding a section of most of the current designs on black shirts.



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I think the cutest thing in the world is when a woman steals your shirt. Now she wants one of her own, in her size, color, etc., but I kind of like it when she steals mine.




I absolutely draw the line at Hiram Thongs, though. I haven't even told her they exist, for fear that she'll want one just to horrify me.

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the shirt or the thong?


I know Pensieve has a pic or two to post on this thread... We're waiting...


I have a lovely picture of my pussy in a WS thong, but I have not had time to post it yet, maybe when I get off work

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"Pussy In a Thong"! I can't hear that tune without wanting to jump up and do a little jig.


Oh, wait. I'm thinking of "Turkey In the Straw."

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