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Bitter recipes...Making your own lavender or other bitters

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I gave into the bitters monster and bought via bottles of chocolate, horribly spicy and grapefruit bitters. Three bottles, not cheap. The only other one I wanted to try currently and didn't have the monies for it, but I did have in my kitchen:





Dried Orange Peel

100 Proof Vodka


So, why not try to make this on my own? I found a recipe online and now it is seeping for two weeks. I'll report how it is once it is done.


Anyone else making their own bitters?

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I should say what I am making is a tincture more than bitters. Unless you can make bitters without bark or other bitter type ingredients.

Thanks for the links. I thought there might be one already, but I seached for bitters on the forum and didn't find one.


I have that bitters book on my Amazon wish list!

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